Powerful SEO link building strategies for 2022

We all know link-building strategy is a part of page SEO and plays a significant role in the ranking of your website on search engine result pages. But only if link building is done right, it can yield effective results. If not, it can affect your rankings. Link-building is not easy, and it involves plenty of strategies based on efficiency, expertise, and resources. Link building is an important part of an SEO strategy, as it helps in generating more traffic to a website and attracting new audiences.

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by Shubha

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What is a link-building strategy?

The link-building is a process of building one-way hyperlinks to your website from another to improve your search engine visibility. Link building is a part of off-page SEO and helps in the ranking on search engine result pages indirectly. Links on other sites help search engines in indexing your post or your pages easily.

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The more links you have from relevant and high authority websites, the better are the chances of your website ranking for relevant search queries. Contact Asseo, the SEO Expert near me, providing quality services and helping their clients achieve their business goals.

Why are links important?

Links are of two types: Internal and External and both the links are important for SEO as it helps search engines to find and crawl through your website via other domains. Earlier backlinks were the only ranking factor for Google. The website with the most backlinks was the one with the highest-ranking on SERP for a keyword. But with the update on Google’s algorithm, they have started looking out for quality backlinks rather than quantity.

Link building strategy for 2022

Let’s move on to our major topic: link-building strategy that works in 2022. Below are some of the best strategies you can opt to rank your website on SERP:


To get started with the link-building strategy, we have to start with outreach. Every good link-building strategy starts with it. Outrage is a process to reach out to people in your niche and introduce them to your products or services and your content. You ask them to review your website and if they like it, they post about your brand, providing you with a high-quality backlink.

Guest blogging

Does guest blogging still exist? Yes, it does. Guest blogging is inviting someone from outside your company in a similar niche as your brand to write a blog that you will publish on your website. The person is usually an expert in the field and will audit your website to go through the products and services you offer and the reviews from your customers.

After being fully satisfied, they decide to write the guest post for your website or not. This helps in generating free backlinks from their site. You get not only a backlink, but their audience will come to know about your brand through their blog.

Check your competitors’ backlinks

Using tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and backlink checker, you can easily check and export the backlinks of your competitor and then use that data to generate your backlinks. Just open the tool, put your competitors’ URL in this search and click on check backlinks.

The tool will provide you with all the generated backlinks of your competitors’ websites, the percent of do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks and then you can filter them out according to your preference and export the data.

Finding the broken links

Broken links are the links that no longer work because

  • The landing page or the post of that link has been moved or no longer exists

  • The URL entered is incorrect or invalid

  • Links to documents (PDF, PPT, Google Doc) have been deleted or made private

  • Geolocation does not allow outside access.

Whatever the reason may be, they come at an enormous cost. Broken links should be fixed ASAP, otherwise, they could be a threat to your website. You can use a free tool by Ahrefs, “Free Broken Link Checker”, to check the number of dead and broken links on your website. Then fix these links by creating a similar destination of the link and hence linking the former to the latter.

To sum up

Link building can yield effective results if done right. It is an important strategy that is a must to include in your main SEO strategy. If you are looking for the SEO Services near me, ASSEO is the best option. They provide all kinds of digital marketing services with a proper plan and strategy to get the most ROI. They have a service called SEO PAY LATER, which allows you to make the payment after being fully satisfied with the results. Let's have some coffee with us...

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