Build Your Startup Brand From Scratch

Every good business needs good branding, but make sure that your business remains consistent in your marketing efforts or gets improved if it's already established. For instance, what if you're trying to build a business from scratch or your business has never developed a brand. Eventually, the effort will not be easy, but it is feasible- even for a non-expert. You'll need help from a digital marketing agency in Kolkata for building a good brand. They will need some time, a little research, and an in-depth understanding of how your company operates to establish your brand's core features and qualities. Here are some points to build your startup's brand from scratch:

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by Ankit Wilson

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Identify your target market.

First, decide which audience you want to target. For instance, there is a massive difference between a children's book and experimental novels. Similarly, your messaging and imagery should be distinctive to one target audience.
Targeting a wide range of audiences is pointless because you might cast a wider audience, but you'll end up being less relevant to any specific audience within that group. An online branding agency in Kolkata helps you create online branding targeting particular demographics.

Therefore, it's better to target specific demographics and slowly expand from there. Consider all the demographics carefully before planning the strategy.

Learn your competitor's brands

Before doing any strategic planning, evaluating your competitor's brands is very important. You'll get to know many things just by considering your competitors' previously established entries.

Look at their logo designs, how they are different from one another, and how they approach their targeted audience. Just evaluate your competitors' brands but do not copy them for your brand. Just take the motivations behind their planning and use them for the next step.

Separate your unique differentiators

Always look for a chance to create your brand unique. For instance, if you're offering lower prices than your competitors, even that is part of your online branding. Or you can use unique ideas to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Many businesses are still dealing offline, so this is the right time to bring your brand online. Online branding agency in Kolkata will help you get your business online.

Define your brand as a 'person.'

Try to represent your brand as a person and not just by a logo or written voice. Think of your company as a person and then decide what type of person that would be? Male or female? Older or younger? What kind of wardrobe would your brand choose ? How would it talk? Build trust among your targeted audience so they will know about your brand. An online branding agency in Kolkata can decide on your company's personality.


Your responsibilities aren't quite over once you've established your brand's look and personality. Ensure every team member is on board with the brand and using it correctly in every application. Also, do a regular check-in every few years to update your brand as needed.

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