Best SEO strategies for new websites to get ranking fast

You finally decided to bring your business online. Your brand new website is ready to list on the SERPs. But you don't know how to alter algorithms, nor the method for interpreting and applying them to your new website. As the best SEO company in Kolkata , Asseo can provide you with vital SEO steps required for every new website to rank higher and faster.

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by Ankit

Best SEO Strategy is not to trick with Google but partner with Google.

Keywords research

A keyword is a phrase that people type on search engines to find your product or service. Try to target keywords relevant to the products or services you offer.
If you know your main products and services well, it will be easy to establish your keywords and incorporate them on your target page. The best SEO company in Kolkata will use different tools to find the best keywords for your website.

Create relevant content

Focus on creating valuable and high-quality content which will attract your audience's interest. For instance, use catchy headlines for high-end items and formal language for legal and official concerns.
Make sure your content mixes well with your target audience and caters to their preferences. The best SEO company in Kolkata has experienced and professional content writers who will write valuable and high-quality content for your website.

Generate quality backlinks

Good quality backlinks can help your business to rank higher and faster. Link your websites to a high domain authority and websites that are well trusted by the search engines.

  • Avoid these link-building mistakes:

To improve the ranking of your website connecting to the exact keywords is known as over-optimisation, which may harm your SEO. To make your content compelling, it should be related to anchor texts.
Provide relevant links, don't just do overlinking.
Check the domain authority of a link before creating a backlink.

Analyse the performance and usability of your website. Every customer must have a positive user experience when they visit your website. Asseo, best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, has professionals who will deliver the most satisfactory results in web optimisation. This will help you focus on other sectors of your work, which will increase your business's efficiency.


Ranking on the top of the search engine results pages is significant because this increases the profits and revenues of your business. Specialists will handle all your SEO-based tasks with Asseo, the best SEO company in Kolkata. Take your brand at next level with the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata & we just not drive you traffic but also we get customer for you. We are the best brand marketing agency in Kolkata to improve your brand reputation because we do not grow your business only, we make you a reputed business brand.

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