Google reveals it updates a new image ranking signal

Google keeps updating its algorithm to provide the best and hassle-free user experience to its users. Recently, Google incorporated a new signal with an announcement, which is rare. Google is introducing a new schema to make its image search results racially diverse. The scale will now represent a wide range of skin tones related to every skin tone. It's an attempt made by Google to remove biases from the world's most popular search engine.

This camera will show a variety of skin tones in the image queries related to beauty. For example, if you search for beautiful skin or women or a happy family, the results will depict white people and every skin tone.

Google updates Skin tone scale

by Shubha Agrawal

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How will Google do it?

With the help of Dr. Ellis monk who is a professor and sociologist at Harvard, Google has created an MST scale (monk skin tone scale). Google has incorporated the MST scale into an image search and other products like Google Photos and Lens. The new genuine tone filters will soon arrive on Google photos across all platforms in the next few weeks.

Earlier, companies and website developers used pictures of white people widely as they were readily available. But now, it's advisable for business owners and publishers to start using images related to their products and the country. They must begin labeling their image content with this new schema and include attributes like hair color, hair texture, and skin tone. This will make Google read the images better and use these as the ranking signal for image search results.

Google has been a part of some controversies because of racial biases, and the company has sought to avoid them. In 2015 Google had to apologize to its users when the photo app identified black people as gorillas. Now Google is looking to address the subtler science of bias and pull down the notion of beauty that includes images of European beauty standards and ignores the black people.

Google wants to create a more representative search experience and hence has decided to develop a standardized way to label web content. If you are someone publishing diverse images, the new schema will help you make Google understand your image content's details better and give you a higher rank on search engine results pages.

Tulsee Doshi, the head of product and responsible AI, has recently posted a blog related to the new schema. She stated, "In our research, we found that ,people feel they're lumped into racial categories a lot of the time, but there's all that heterogeneity with ethnic and racial categories. And many methods of categorization, including past skin tone scales, don't pay attention to this diversity. That's where a lack of representation can happen… we need to fine-tune the way we measure things, so people feel represented."

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Are there any challenges for digital marketing agencies?

Though it's not a challenge, it becomes easier for a digital marketing agency. If any marketing agency starts using dark skin tone images soon on websites.
There has to be a chance to rank on top of Google because the soon you do, you'll have the opportunity to become a market leader in that particular niche.

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