How Good Web Design Can Improve SEO Performance?

There are over billions of websites across the globe; even active web users have hardly heard about them. Most of the websites are too difficult to find. With the right online marketing company in kolkata, you can increase your website's visibility for a longer time.

Let's see how good web design will improve your SEO performance.

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by Ankit Wilson

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How Good Web Design Can Improve SEO Performance

It's necessary to remember the goal of Google's algorithm. When a user searches for some information on Google or any other search engine, the users are provided with the most appropriate information. The information depends on the search keywords, demographic profile, previous search history, etc.

A company does not have all the resources to provide all the information to the users for the search volume that Google manages.

Search engines provide the users with low-quality content, difficult usability, and a poor user experience; then, there is a chance that the user would choose some other search engines. To survive in the market, make sure you have the best website in your niche.

Some of the most critical issues related to the quality of your website are as follows:

Page Speed

The page speed factors involve:

1) The number of CSS and JavaScript files present.

2) The quality of your images.

3) Junk code.

With the right online marketing company in kolkata, you can increase your page speed.

Time is more important than money for users nowadays, so an average web user will only wait 3 seconds for a page to load before exiting. Google prefers to rank websites on top whose loading speed is quick.

Page quality

The page structure, layout, and word count from your homepage aaj to your blog posts must be of high quality. For Google, the landing and home pages must be of high quality.

Your site must contain H1, meta description tags, and links. Because this is the format that crawlers will understand what your site is about. All the pages on your website must be high quality to rank higher.

Dwell time

Dwell time means a user spending the amount of time on your website after clicking over from Google search. Dwell time is considered a ranking factor in Google's search algorithm.

If your web design has mismatched colors and fonts, your website traffic will be less. But a properly designed and appealing website will invite more visitors to spend more time on your website.

Mobile friendliness

The maximum traffic is generated through mobile devices. Google prioritizes the website and ranks the website on top of the search engine, which is mobile-friendly. Do not focus on optimizing the website only but also focus on improving the web design of mobile. Experts from creative marketing agency in kolkata will design a mobile-friendly website to improve your SEO performance.

Image optimisation

Images need to be optimized regularly for page speed usability and search engine crawlers. Make sure images don't increase your website's loading speed.