Simple ways to convert your website traffic into customers

Most people start their buying journeys online, searching for the product they want, bouncing from one website to another to find the best and the most relevant to the product they are looking for. Do you know how to convert your visitors into leads on your website? What happens when a user visits your landing page? Do they bounce back or contact you? Do they scroll down to see more of your products or read blogs? You can get all your answers from the website analytics.

Great content on your website is suitable for holding people for some time. It allows you to grow your audience and help you pave the way for the sale, but how can you convert these audiences into conversions? If your users are visiting your websites, they are interested in your products, but what is making them leave your websites without taking the desired action?

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by Shubha

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1. Lead generation marketing strategies

Below are some marketing strategies to get traffic from your potential customers. These strategies will help you discover your target audience and increase your website visits leading to an increase in sales.

2. Pay per click advertising.

Pay-per-click advertising helps you place your ads in front of people looking for your products or services. Using pay per click advertising , you can place your ad on the first page of the search engine result page, and people will tap on your website link. This does increase the number of website visitors. Now it's your turn to impress them and make a sale.

3. Social media marketing

People across the world are using social media 24/7. It's your call as to how you can take advantage of social media to find your target audience. You can use Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing to find your potential customers and redirect them to your website. Every social media platform allows brands to do marketing campaigns.

4. Content marketing

Content marketing allows you to target your customers via blog posts on your website. Writing informative and knowledgeable content with topics people are interested in and are searching for can help you gain website visitors that are most likely to turn into leads.

Reasons why your website visitors are not taking action to convert...

Check your landing page.

As we saw in the example above, the landing page was not appropriate, and hence the user left the website instead of exploring. When visiting your website, a user will spend a few seconds, and you need to hold them in just those few seconds. If you are unable to, they will leave your website and look for another option. If your website is getting traffic, your other marketing campaigns are working well. The landing page might reduce the chance to convert your website visitors into leads. Observe all your landing pages. Check where the link inserted in your keywords redirects them and check what is disappointing your visitors.

Call to action

Having a compelling CTA on your website convinces customers to take action. The CTA could be to call them or subscribe to their newsletters, and it draws visitors' attention and encourages them to make the purchase. Without CTA, users might get lost and bounce back from your site. So, it makes it essential to add a call to action to your page. Make sure your CTA is clear and easy and does not confuse the users. It must be bold and visible and the text used should be clear enough for the users to notice and click.

Poor navigation

If a user visits your website and goes clueless as to where to go and what to buy, it would be difficult for them to convert easily. Using navigation can help your visitors understand what type of service or products you are offering, which will easily allow them to convert. Poor navigation is one of the main reasons for low conversion. If your pages are not linked, the visitors will get lost and bounce back from your website.

Focus on the right keywords

If you know your target audience is visiting your page, they will purchase for sure. Suppose you place your products in front of people searching for them. In that case, they will surely convert, but if you are using the wrong keywords, chances are too high that you will attract the wrong audience who are not interested in your services or products. Focusing on the right keywords makes it important.

Attracting wrong traffic

Suppose your website sells beauty products for women, but it turned out that men hold a significant proportion of your website visits. You will make sales through them, but that is not good enough. To get the maximum sales, you need to attract your target audience, i.e., women. This could be why your website visitors are not turning into leads.

Too many pop-ups

This is a fact that pop-ups are annoying, and too many pop-ups can make your visitors leave the site as soon as they visit. If you implement those pop-ups in the right way, they could yield good results. To get sales, you should precisely insert pop-ups, showing one pop-up at a time just on your homepage and not on every page.

Strategy to convert your website traffic into customers.

Now that you know all the reasons why your website traffic is not converting. Let's move to the strategy you can use to correct it. Below are some points you can take reference from:

Build an email list

When you start getting traffic on your website, ask your visitors to drop their email ids or subscribe to your newsletters. This will help you get a whole list of your potential customers. Now it's time to create a good email marketing plan. Welcome your new customers with a personalized email designed to help your customers like and trust your brand. If they like your welcome email, they will probably visit your website and make a purchase. As we all know, the first impression is the last.

Attract the right audience

One of the reasons we discussed in the example above was that you might be attracting the wrong audience. Now, we will discuss how you can attract the right audience. There are some ways to do this:

  • The first one is auditing your SEO strategy . This will help you focus on your target audience and attract the right traffic.

  • Check the keywords you are targeting and the content there on your website.

  • Make sure the keywords you are targeting are not generic. For example, if you sell shoes for targeting the keyword shoes will not give you remarkable results and give you a wide range of unwanted visitors, you should focus on specific keywords like formal shoes for men, casual shoes for women, funky sneakers shoes and so on.

Create a call to action on every page

A call to action button on the link graphs the users' attention when they visit your page. A CTA could be to book an appointment, add products to your cart, contact us, leave your email ID, read your blog posts, something about your office, or anything that attracts your users and makes them take action. Make sure your landing pages are perfectly built, but the links you use in your CTA buttons are relevant. Use compelling call-to-action on your website to attract and turn your website visitors into leads.


Remarketing is the process of serving ads to the people who have already visited your website across the internet. It allows your company to follow people across the internet by doing them the ads on the websites for apps they use the most. You can also use the products they liked or viewed to remind them to purchase.

Keep your website design simple but attractive

Keeping a website design sample helps your visitors to navigate correctly. They don't go clueless when they visit your website; keep your website elegant but straightforward make sure not to use many colours to focus on people with colour vision deficiency. Keeping your website samples also improves your user experience better the user experience, the more will be your conversion.

Use chatbots

Chatbots give a personalized experience to all your visited website visitors. The chatbot can request users to take action on your website aur, help with the navigation for specific topics, or help with customer care if your visitors face some issues.

Evaluate your sales funnel

On top of the sales funnel stands awareness. If your website is attracting visitors, they are aware of the products you are selling, so you are already in the sales funnel. Now you need to find the leaky holes in your sales funnel. Once you find it, try to overcome it and work out to fill in that hole.

Redirecting your visitors to a specific page

Most of the websites mistake redirecting their visitors to the homepage. By visiting the home, page visits are often get lost and spend time exploring the website rather than making a purchase to use relevant links to your website holes in your sales funnel. Once you find it, try to overcome it and work out to fill in that hole.

Closing Thoughts

Stating the positive, a good amount of traffic on your website is fabulous, and you have already won half the battle. By implementing the above strategies to your website, you can turn your visitors into leads and easily make sales. If your clients liked and trusted your brand, they will promote your products or services among their acquaintances looking for a product like yours. Asseo , the digital marketing agency in Kolkata, is here to help you convert all your website visitors into leads. They will help you promote your brand to your target audience. Enjoy their service "SEO PAY LATER ", which allows you to pay after being 100% satisfied with your results. Take your brand at next level with best digital marketing agency in Kolkata & Asseo just not drive you traffic but also we get customer for you. We are the digital marketing agency in Kolkata & Brand marketing company in Kolkata to improve your brand reputation because we do not grow your business only, we make you a reputed business brand.