Empowering Women, Inspiring Change in a digital marketing company

Gender discrimination and inequality have prevailed around the globe, and it still exists. No country can claim that its culture is not gender-biased. While we are moving towards equality and justice for all, there are some areas where gender discrimination still exists. The situation gets worse when it comes to the corporate world. Gender inequality is something women in the corporate world are familiar with and face almost every day. 8th March is marked as International Women's Day and has the "Equality for women" is progress for all motto.
The day emphasizes women empowerment, gender equality, women's full enjoyment of human rights, eradication of poverty, and social and economic development. The question arises: How much are we contributing to the cause? ASSEO, a digital marketing agency breaking the bias and bringing change in society.

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by Shubha

Asseo knows well about the needs of their customers and what their business lacks, and provides platform to take their business to the next level.

It's time to bring the revolution.

Gender inequality has existed in our society seemingly forever. But now it's time to give it a break. It's time to give women a chance to fly. It's time to make a change in society. Take this step in your organization as ASSEO does and see the difference in your company's position.
International Women's Day began in 1975 by the United States, and all the countries globally welcomed it. It's the 47th year, and still, the inequality prevails.

Take action before it's too late

According to a World Bank report, gender parity is positively correlated with growth, productivity, and performance. Many countries across the globe have taken effective decisions and made policies in favor of women to promote women's empowerment. But there is a huge percentage of companies that lack the same. The gender gap and significant disparity between men and women in high-level corporations are still issues.

How to know if your organization is biased?

Taking the example of gender equality in Asseo, below are some points you can refer to conclude if your company promotes gender equality:

  • Slow growth:

The path to leadership is slow in many organizations for women, which shows that the organization cares about its men way more than the women. This is why only 13% of CEOs around the globe are women, and only 9% of global corporate boards comprise women.

  • Work-life balance:

Women are expected to balance their personal life and work life. Companies intentionally and unintentionally burden female workers, including workloads and emotional and relational labor.


The founder of Asseo, Mr. Prince Kumar, profoundly believes in the quote "1 naari sab pe bhaari" and also uses it in his company. Many women leaders actively make strategies, lead teams well, and actively give women empowerment. There is no chance of gender indiscrimination and inequality in healthy work culture.

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